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Once-off lawn treatment
Once-off lawn treatment

Tips to ensure your grass is always greener


Graduate Program 2022
Graduate Program 2022

Looking for talented young professionals


Graduate Program as a Stepping Stone
Graduate Program as a Stepping Stone

Breaching the Gap Between Graduation and Full-Time Employment



Megabuild is Acknowledged As The Oldest & Largest

Building Material & Hardware Supplier in Namibia

Pupkewitz Megabuild and Builders Warehouse offer its clients professional services via its 18 branches across the country. We stock more than 20 000 line items, supplying from foundation to roof.

Since we’ve opened our doors in 1904 it has been our goal to provide Namibians with the necessary tools to achieve whatever you can dream of. Over 18 branches, stretching over 15 towns, Megabuild is accessible to each and every one. Whether you are dusting off and giving life to an old chair, revamping your kitchen, building a block of flats or even in the business of mining, we can help you.

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The Megabuild Footprint

Harold Pupkewitz establishes the Pupkewitz Builders’ Merchant – The Building and Engineering Division. Builders Warehouse, acquired in 2007 and also part of the Pupkewitz Megabuild brand, is a specialist building material shop located in Katutura, Windhoek. The store has specialized product lines and offers a complete, one-stop solution to builders.

Our footprint is further extended through our associated agricultural services provider, Kaap Agri Namibia, with 13 branches throughout Namibia. Kaap Agri Namibia understands the agriculture sector’s unique characteristics and requirements, which forms the basis of their service offering.

Pupkewitz Megabuild is especially proud of the fact that we pioneered Namibia’s largest and premier retail outlet that inspires living – Megabuild Lifestyle, established in Windhoek in 2014. Innovative, sophisticated and contemporary, Megabuild Lifestyle is proof that traditional hardware stores can be so much more. This unique shopping experience offers a wide range of products, ranging from gardening to home appliances and the latest in home improvement trends.

The first-of-its-kind in Namibia, Pupkewitz MegaBoards was established in Windhoek in 2019 as a one-stop shop for wood-based products and hardware, offering high-end cutting and edging services. Whether you are a joiner, cupboard manufacturer, furniture maker or shopfitting company, we will deliver to your exact specifications.

Through a partnership with Cajaka Furniture, Pupkewitz Megabuild also provides our customers with specialist expertise in custom-made furniture and joinery. We offer free consultation, floor planning and 3D design, assistance with material selection and professional installation.

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