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FAQ on the Megabuild Gift Card





1.  Where can I buy the Pupkewitz MegaBuild Gift card?
You can buy the Pupkewitz MegaBuild Gift card at all Pupkewitz MegaBuild branches nationwide at any till point.
2.  What value of Pupkewitz MegaBuild gift cards can I buy?
You are free to choose what amount should be loaded on the gift card for your prefect gift.
3.  Where can I redeem my Pupkewitz MegaBuild Gift card?
You can redeem the gift card at any Pupkewitz MegaBuild branch nationwide.
4.  Do I need to spend the complete amount?
No, for example you have N$100 on the gift card you can spend N$50 now at MegaBuild Lifestyle in Windhoek and 6 months later you can spend another N$30 at Pupkewitz MegaBuild in Swakopmund.  The remaining balance will be available until the gift card expires.
5.  What if there isn’t enough credit on my gift card for my purchase?
If there isn’t enough credit on your gift card for your current purchase the shop assistant will request an additional payment method from you for the difference.
6.  Do I get change if I buy something with a gift card?
No, the “change” will show as a remaining balance on the gift card.
7.  Are there any products I can’t redeem my gift card against?
All products available at Pupkewitz MegaBuild can be bought with a gift card.
8.  Can I buy a gift card on my Pupkewitz MegaBuild account?
Yes, should you be a registered account holder and have the order permission in place, you can buy gift cards on your account.
9.  Can I pay my Pupkewitz MegaBuild account with a Pupkewitz MegaBuild gift card?
No, gift cards cannot be used to pay outstanding Pupkewitz MegaBuild accounts.
10.  If I want to return an item I bought using a gift card what happens with the refund?
Our standard goods return policy will apply.
The acceptance by the Company of any return of goods shall be a matter entirely in the Company’s discretion, and if accepted, a handling charge shall be levied as appropriate to the type of goods returned.
The customer is responsible for obtaining a “Goods Returned Voucher” on return of goods to the Company, but this does not oblige the Company to issue a credit note at the prices invoiced to the customer when the customer bought the goods, or if the goods returned cannot be disposed of by the Company for any reason whatsoever.
11.  How can I check my gift card balance?
You can request your gift card balance at any till point at our Pupkewitz MegaBuild branches nationwide.  The remaining balance will also be printed on the receipt of your last purchase with a gift card.
12.  Can I cash in a gift card?
There is no cash alternative to a gift card – they cannot be exchanged for cash.
13.  Is there an expiry date for my gift card?
The value of the gift cards expires 36 months after load date.
14.  What happens if I lose my gift card or it gets stolen or damaged?
Please treat a gift card as if it were cash as we are unable to refund or replace lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Terms and Conditions
1.     Please present the gift card for your Pupkewitz MegaBuild purchases.
2.     Should you not utilise the full amount with your purchase, a credit will remain on the card for your future use.
3.     No cash balance will be given as change.
4.     You may check your balance at any till point and a receipt will show the balance remaining on your card.
5.     You can increase the balance on your card at any Pupkewitz MegaBuild till.
6.     Treat this card like cash.
7.     This is not a credit card.
8.     This card is valid for 36 months from the date of last load, unless otherwise notified.
9.     This card is redeemable for merchandise at any Pupkewitz MegaBuild store in Namibia.
10.   This card may not be exchanged for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. 
11.   If the barcode is distorted on the card, the gift card becomes void. 
12.   Please retain the receipt for proof of purchase.
13.   Gift cards cannot be used as a payment on the Pupkewitz MegaBuild customer account.
For general card queries, please phone Customer Care at +264 (0) 61 291 6000.





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