Our Complete Smart Home Guide

Insights into our exclusive range of digital smart home products in 2020. 

What is a Smart Home?

How about when you can open your home door for someone even when you are not home? Or witching of lights in the other room that your kids forgot on again without being in that room? You don't need to live in a castle or have a butler for this.

The future is here now, and your own home becomes your trusted helper.
Smart Home - also called smart living, connected home or home automation - means the networking of technical devices, lights and switches via an interface in the house. This means that certain functions, such as opening and closing doors, can run automatically and be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

How Does a Smart Home Work?

Especially when you are in a hurry, a little bit of help comes just in time, when you are sitting in your car and wondering if you have switched off the coffee machine or closed the windows. Smart devices such as power switches and door and window sensors can provide you exactly that piece of mind.

Connected with apps, your smartphone becomes your control centre, the brain of your home.

With the control centre, you can tell your devices what to do. Anywhere you are with through your smartphone. You need two types of smart devices to run your control centre fully functional


These are, for example, motion detectors or window and door sensors. You can perceive certain properties such as temperature, humidity or brightness. Once installed, they measure the corresponding property and continuously report to the hub. Sensors are the eyes and ears of your home.


Light switches, door locks and power switches are actuators. They react to signals from the hub with a mechanical movement or an electronic circuit. They are the arms and legs of your smart house.


You need a reliable WIFI connection in your home to have all devices connected 24/7. And of course, you need data airtime on your smartphone to control and communicate with your devices. Keep in mind your data roaming when you travel outside Namibian borders.

Why would you want your home to be smart?

It’s not just a hype or buss word and it’s not only a technical gimmick. By introducing smart devices to your home, you make smart choices for:

Smart security

More security against burglaries. If you install motion detectors and cameras, you know whether you have uninvited guests, no matter where you are. But there is not only danger from the outside, but with Smart Home, you can also protect yourself from water damage and fire.

Smart energy

If you make heating, lighting or garden irrigation smart, you can save money through automation. Heating, light and water are only there where they are really needed. Saving you some bucks on the municipality bill.

Smart care

Today is the norm that both mum and dad work full time. Schools kids come home in the afternoon. The Smart Home provides smart care and peace of mind to parents that their children are save. Parents can either stop the quarrels between siblings through voice-controlled cameras or are immediately alerted when an unauthorised door has been opened.

Your Smart Home becomes its own best house sitter. While you enjoy the holidays, relatives can be called for help with an emergency button. With an intelligent door lock, you can also let the emergency services in directly.

Smart comfort

With Smart Home, you have control over temperature, humidity, brightness and effect lighting. For example, while you are on holiday, you can ensure that your garden is efficiently watered. Smart Home increases your standard of living and comfort. Your house does simple work for you.

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How do you make your home smart?

Before you jump right into the smart home, you should take a deep breath and plan properly. Smart Home is an individual solution, depending on which areas you want to make smart and what the conditions are in your home, other solutions are suitable.

Let our Smart Home Instore exports guide you in the research phase. Come by and test the different brands and products.

The general rule is it is easy to DIY you home into a Smart Home.

What do I need:

First, ask yourself the question of all questions: Do you really want to make your house smart with rules or just to upgrade your room atmosphere with individual smart lights and sockets? If the answer is to create ambience with lights, then our WiFi-based products are an easy start to connect to your smartphone.

If you want to install a security and control system, identify how many locations you want to connect to ensure that your hub can communicate with many devices.

Which system is suitable?

Once you have put together your plan, the research begins. Which system meets your requirements? Not all devices are compatible, and you should carefully consider a purchase. Our systems also offer you the opportunity to add on modules. So, you might start with an alarm system and in a few months’, time add window sensors or smart power switches for example. It gives you the opportunity to start small and expand your Smart Home.

All devices and system available at Pupkewitz Megabuild, connect through Apps compatible with IOS and Android. You need to keep in mind your WIFI connection. If the WIFI is off, the apps will send you a notification that your home is currently not connected.



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