Celebrating ‘Inspiring’ Women

Rosalia Doeses - Be the Inspiration




Celebrating ‘Inspiring’ Women

Rosalia Doeses - Be the Inspiration

Team Megabuild



We are finishing off our Women's Month content with one more inspiring employee story. Have you met Rosalia Doeses at our Windhoek Central Branch help desk? Rosalia sees her future bright and clear: "Pupkewitz Megabuild has grand me the chance to study. Currently, I am doing my second year in Office Administration. Through my studies and hard work, I wish to work my way up to the HR department." Have a look at Rosalia's journey and get ready to be inspired!

Be an inspiration for yourself and your fellow women!


Rosalia Doeses

Rosalia Doeses was born and raised in Windhoek. She has lived her whole life in the suburbs of Katutura. "It was not always easy growing up as me and my family faced many challenges but I did always enjoy school. I started at Wanaheda Primary School today known as Martti Ahtisaari Primary School and then I continued to high school at Ella Du Plessis", Rosalia sums up her school journey. After High School, Rosalia did not have the opportunity to continue to any higher education institutions due to the lack of funds. Thus, Rosalia started working and she got her first job in 2008 as a merchandiser. Rosalia has also other working experience as a waitress and cashier. Rosalia explains that the year 2014 was a turning point in her life when God answered her prayers and Pupkewitz Megabuild appointed her as a cashier. Soon she was promoted as a help desk advisor for our Windhoek Central Branch.

Today, Rosalia is a proud tertiary education student. "Megabuild grand me the chance to study. Currently, I am doing my second year in Office Administration. I am so happy that I can study and finally pursue my dreams", Rosalia says. After completing her studies Rosalia would like to continue her career at the Human Resources department. She believes that one day she can become a great leader within the company.

Success is moving one step further from where I was yesterday to where I’m planning on going!


You are the Centre of Your Life

Rosalia has been working for the company for over six years now and says that she sees no end. "I am honoured to work for such a prestigious company. Pupkewitz Megabuild is one of the largest companies that contribute to the economy of Namibia. It looks after its employees and the community at large. Pupkewitz Foundation contributes back to society every year by doing amazing projects like the feeding scheme", Rosalia says.

She also remembers the time in 2019, when we participated in the "Best Company to Work For" competition with Deloitte and scooped first place. She adds that the company allows its employees to grow within the company and that the benefits offered are very good. One of her favourite benefits is the educational opportunities that she also currently enjoys as well as the ex-gratia payment for employees on maternity leave. In the case where a female employee’s basic gross salary is more than the maximum amount paid by Social Security Commission, the company will pay the difference in order to leave the employee in the same financial position as if she had not been on maternity leave.

Rosalia works closely with both customers and employees. She believes there is nothing she can't handle. Prioritizing and doing the most difficult tasks first is her key to success. She has learnt to be flexible and handle even the most challenging situation with care and friendliness. Rosalia says that she knows how important every customer is to the company and thus tries her very best with each one. She has also mastered good telephone etiquette and a pleasant speaking tone.


In the end, Rosalia wants to encourage and be an inspiration to all young women. She believes strongly that women should all support one another and that one's success is not in the way of others. "Make something of yourself and make you the centre of your life. Focus on you and let no one or anything stop you from achieving your goals", she says.

Write your own story, it belongs to you!


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