Celebrating ‘Independent’ Women

Martha Swartbooi - Independent Working Mother




Celebrating ‘Independent’ Women

Martha Swartbooi - Independent Working Mother

Team Megabuild



In March 2021 we are celebrating all women and their achievements. To inspire other Namibian women we feature stories of our employees and their journeys. Check out Martha's story - another one of our amazing employees! Martha had a difficult start in life but she did not let that stop her. She has been working for us since 2004 and says that her biggest accomplishment as a single mother was getting all four of her children through education.

 Let us be strong and never give up easily!


Martha Swartbooi

Martha was born in the Okahandja district on a very small and marginalised farm. She lost her mom at a very young age and was forced to be independent and to stand on her own two feet. As an orphan, Martha moved around from one town to another, from one school to another. Martha says that as she didn’t have any parents or anyone else to support her financially she was forced to leave school. Martha started looking for a job and soon started working for a retail shop as a cashier and later at customer care.

In the year 2004 Martha was appointed by us. First, she started working as a cashier but four years later she was promoted as a saleslady due to her friendly customer service and good product knowledge. "I have been here for over 17 years and I am still very happy. I love to come to work and see my Megabuild family", she says.

Martha loves working with customers and takes pride in making customers smile. She notes that what she loves the most about her job is the daily interaction with the clients and satisfying their needs. "My everyday work is based on customer service face to face as well as through emails and phone calls. I do quotations, I follow up with them and I attend on daily orders for my clients. I need to make sure that my customers receive their quotations correct and on time. It warms my heart to make everything easier for my clients so that they can succeed in their projects. At the end of the day I want to see my customers smiling and happy with the service received", Martha tells.


I love to come to work and see my Megabuild family!


Importance of Education & Home

Martha is a single mother and it has not always been the easiest road. She is a mother of four wonderful children and her biggest accomplishment so far is getting all of her children through education. Today she wishes that all her children will graduate from varsity as there are only two left to graduate. Martha notes that from experience she knows how important educations is, thus she has made sure that she gives her children the best.

"I also dream to have my own house and call it home", she says. Martha explains further that she believes that home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends. She is currently working towards achieving this dream. As a single mother Martha hopes that all women believe they can be leaders and change-makers. "This is no longer only a man's world but it also belongs to all of us, so make the best out of it", she states.

No matter the situation - be strong and don’t give up easily!


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