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Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

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Commonly called the three Rs – recycle, reuse, and reduce waste management, implementing these into our daily lives can drastically improve our impact on the environment. We at Pupkewitz Megabuild take this environmental mantra very seriously and ensure the sustainable use of water and energy. We run educational programs about water saving, we also monitor our water consumption daily at all our branches. By doing this, we can detect any areas where water may be wasted and act immediately. Water-saving toilets as well as washing our vehicles using the eco-wash method are some points to mention. All branches use LED lights, these lights have high lumen output per watt, which means they can turn about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat. We also sell products that will help you create a more sustainable life.


Under the Sink Geyser Water Heater

In today’s modern world, when we want something, we want it fast. With under the sink geyser, you can now have instant hot water flowing from your tap. These small units are great especially when the main geyser is located farther away in the house, meaning some taps may not have hot water readily available. Here are some benefits of having an under-sink water geyser:

Compact Size:
It is much smaller than the typical geyser, therefore it doesn’t take up much space under your sink.

Easy to Install:
For the DIY lovers, this could be your next project. Installation of an under-sink geyser is simple and doesn’t require a lot of electrical or plumbing knowledge to set up. They also come with instructions and easy-to-follow guides that make the installation process take little to no time at all.

Having an under-sink geyser can help you cut down on your household energy consumption because they require less energy to heat the water and they aren’t constantly running to keep a large amount of water warm.

The fact that they offer hot water instantly means you don’t have a lag between when you turn on the tap and when the water runs hot. That means you don’t have to waste water by letting it run until it gets hot.

These under sink water geysers are ideal for bathroom and kitchen sinks where you want to have hot water all the time and instantly.


Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Filtration System

The Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Filtration System allows you to quench your thirst with clean filtered water that’s better than bottled water. Here are the benefits of these systems:

Removes 99.9% of Contaminants:
A reverse Osmosis Water filter effectively removes most of the water contaminants and makes it the best option you for having clean and safe drinking water.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint:
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems globally with around 22 billion water bottles being wasted in which majority are released into the ocean. With this smart solution, you never have to buy bottled water which therefore reduces your carbon footprint exponentially.

Water Tastes Better:
Without all the chemicals and debris in the water, your water tastes better than it has ever had. Reverse osmosis water is usually found to be better than water simply from the tap. Enjoy your daily dose of water with the peace of mind that it’s purified with our Midea Complete 5 Stage Water Filtration System. The stylish tap makes the filtration system easy to use and adds a modern touch to your kitchen space.


Solar Geysers

Your geyser is probably the most energy-consuming appliance in your home, making up as much as 40% of your total electrical bill. An environmentally friendly alternative is our range of solar geysers. Here are the benefits of solar geysers:

Environmentally Friendly:

The number one benefit of using a solar geyser is that the energy is free and renewable. Using a solar geyser means it will continue heating water even on cold and cloudy days.


It does not rely on electricity to supply hot water, thus it benefits households that have no access to electricity and can save up to 90 per cent of the electricity bill. 


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