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Our Story

It all started in 1904 when Max Pupkewitz opened a wagon-building shop in Okahandja and then, in 1925, a general dealership at Ausspannplatz.

Fast forward to 1946 and his son, following in his father’s footsteps, Harold Pupkewitz, establishes the Pupkewitz Builders’ Merchant - The Building and Engineering Division.

Building on his ethos of “The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”, the Pupkewitz brand slowly established itself across Namibia.


Builders Warehouse

In 2007, Builders Warehouse was acquired.

This is a specialist building material shop located in Katutura,

Windhoek with specialised product lines,

offering turnkey solutions to builders.


Lifestyle Center

As we know, the only constant is change and the broader public are not just interested in paints, sanders, bricks and wood. So what did we do?

We rose to the occasion and in 2014, we opened the first-ever MegaBuild Lifestyle, a premier shopping experience that inspires fine living.

Innovative, sophisticated and contemporary, MegaBuild Lifestyle is proof that traditional hardware stores can be so much more.

This unique shopping experience offers a wide range of products, ranging from gardening to home appliances and the latest in home improvement trends.


But, we don’t just build, we also serve our farmers, the people who work to feed us. Kaap Agri Namibia, with its 13 branches across our beautiful country understands our farmers’ unique needs because let’s face it, farming in Namibia, is tough. 



Still keeping our eye on the ball, Pupkewitz MegaBoards was established in Windhoek in 2019 as a one-stop shop for wood-based products and hardware, offering high end cutting and edging services.

So, if you are in the wood business, we got you, and can deliver to your exact specs.

Inspired by Nature, Refined by Us...


SME Empowerment Expands
SME Empowerment Expands

Pupkewitz MegaBuild Expands SME Empowerment Programme To Ovitoto


Pupkewitz and Kaap Agri
Pupkewitz and Kaap Agri

Pupkewitz MegaBuild/Kaap Agri Namibia Joint Venture


Our History
Our History

The Megabuild History





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Otjiwarongo Relaunch Branch

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World Autism Month
World Autism Month

Empowering Autistic Women and Girls


Earth Day & Beyond!
Earth Day & Beyond!

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