Celebrating Women

Toini Shikonga - Climbing Her Way Up




Celebrating Women

Toini Shikonga - Climbing Her Way Up

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International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The day is a day dedicated to honouring the achievements of women throughout history and across the globe. It is typically a day for women from all different backgrounds and cultures to band together to fight for gender parity and women's rights. We have decided to dedicate a whole month to celebrate our women and their achievements here at Megabuild. This month we feature stories of our employees and we challenge you to join our celebrations.

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Toini Shikonga

Toini Shikonga is an inspiration as she first struggled to get work just like many young Namibians. She worked as a security guard and never gave up before her talent was spotted by us. She now works for our IT department.

Toini was born and raised in Windhoek by her parents and she is the eldest of her siblings. She attended primary school at Mandume Primary School and high school at A Shipena Secondary School. She completed her tertiary education at the International University of Management (IUM). Due to limited job opportunities, it was a real challenge for Toini to receive permanent employment in the IT world. As her parents moved to the north and she was looking after her siblings, she accepted to start working as a security guard.


Junior IT Technician

Today, Toini is a Junior IT Technician and her duties include maintenance and repairs of hardware equipment, maintain the network environment, provide basic support, troubleshoot software setup and installation, general housekeeping of the computer room and daily check-ups of the data centres.

She says that her biggest challenge is assisting users through phone calls as they are not very effective. Often users cannot explain in the IT language what the problem is. So, her solution is to log in to the user’s PC remotely and talk them through step by step how to resolve the problem.

Toini describes a typical day in the office as strategic. “I always kick off my day with the server room check-ups then attend to tickets assigned to me that determine whether I must visit the branch or deal with it remotely. I monitor our branches network statuses, handle general user queries via phone calls and support my fellow senior technicians,” she said. She added that having the opportunity to learn new things every day and taking initiatives makes her feel appreciated and heard in a friendly working environment.

Having the opportunity to work in an IT environment, mainly dominated by men makes her genuinely happy and encourages her to continue doing her best with any task. Toini encourages the youth and those aspiring to follow careers that require attention to detail saying, “Life is not always what you see but requires passion and a lot of determination. Nothing comes easy in life but believe in yourself and your future. Do what is best for you."


Future Dreams

Toini's future goal is to own an IT company that can branch out all around Namibia but focusing on rural areas. “People in rural areas need support in managing and working with Technology. Opening an IT company will benefit them very much. I would also like to provide short courses at an affordable price as we know IT is important, yet expensive. Technology is the future and if we equip the youth with technology, the future will be bright,” she said.

Toini says if she could change one thing about the world, she would eliminate human greed. “Human greed is at the core of most of our world’s biggest problems. Greed is like a newborn seed that grows into a poisonous vine, eventually dominating the human soul like an infectious disease, spreading to every corner of society ultimately, blinding us from the truth,” she said.

"Life is not always what you see but requires passion and a lot of determination. Nothing comes easy in life but believe in yourself and your future."


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