Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Paint

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Paint

MegaPaint Family

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Brush Up Your Home with Nontoxic Paints

Have you ever walked into a freshly painted room and felt a sudden dizzy spell? This is a common effect when using paints with high volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are responsible for that new paint smell and apart from dizziness they may cause you to feel nauseous or cause a headache if the room isn't properly ventilated. VOCs have a negative impact on the environment.


Impact of the Environment

VOCs have a negative impact on the environment. Once in the atmosphere, VOCs participate in the formation of ozone. In the presence of nitrogen oxides and sunlight, VOCs react with oxygen in the air to produce ozone, the most toxic component of the form of pollution commonly known as smog.

Paint the Town Green

We don't mean this literally. We just mean you can consider environmentally preferred painting solutions because we know how important a new paint job or touch up is to you. Eco-friendly paints are much safer to use in your home.

It would be unfitting for us not to recommend some of our eco-friendly paints. Our locally produced exclusive range of paints namely MegaPaint is water-based, making them low VOC and lead-free, weather-resistant and perfect for your home and approved for the environment.


MegaPaint Freshest PVA

The latest edition of our MegaPaint range of paints is the Freshest PVA.

Megabuild Freshest PVA is an affordable acrylic paint with excellent hiding power and a smooth matt finish that can be mixed at home or on-site into many different colours. Its pleasant fragrance and low VOC formulation freshen up any room while ensuring a pleasant painting experience. It is ideal for ceilings, interior walls or exterior walls that are not exposed to the elements. Megabuild Freshest PVA may be used as a filler coating under medium quality acrylic paints on interior walls and ceilings over suitably prepared surfaces.


• Affordable

• Fragranced: Smells like flower up to three weeks

• Excellent hiding/opacity

• Matt finish

• Low VOC

• Colour guide to mixing your own colours


MegaPaint Sunguard Roof

This acrylic sheen paint is ideal for rooftops and cementitious surfaces. Formulated with Colour Guard Technology to last under the scorching heat of the sun to ensure that your roof remains beautifully pained for longer. The paint does not contain lead - which is one of the main health and environmental hazards associated with a paint making it an environmentally friendly solution.

MegaPaint High Cover PVA

Suitable for walls and ceilings, this paint provides a smooth matt finish. It's low odour and low VOC formulation makes painting pleasant not only for you but for the environment too. The High Cover is mixed in any colour you can think of.

MegaPaint Silky Sheen

This low sheen paint perfect for interior and exterior walls is formulated with water beading technology that ensures that liquids simply roll. The water beading technology makes the paint more stain resistant compared to other paints. Silky Sheen is mixed in 10 000 colours.



MegaPaint Plaster Primer

The MegaPaint Plaster Primer which helps bond the topcoat to the surface to achieve a uniform and smooth final finish is a water-based primer for masonry surfaces. Suitable for priming new interior and exterior cement plaster, concrete and porous brickwork. This primer is low VOC formulated, with a low odour and allows moisture to escape.

MegaPaint Water-Based Enamel

For a glossy finish, the MegaPaint water-based enamel is a perfect choice. Like all our paints, it is low VOC formulated reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. It is weather-resistant and therefore ideal for inland and coastal environments. This paint can be mixed in all colours.

Our MegaPaint range of paint comes in recyclable black containers to promote sustainable packaging which designs out any potential negative impact of our products on the environment. 



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