Strong business partnerships is what it’s about for us.




Welcome to Pupkewitz MegaBuild.

Are you in the business of contracting or interested in the art of DIY? Good! So are we! 

We’ve been partners in many Namibian projects, whether commercial or personal. Since we opened our doors in 1904 it has been our goal to provide Namibians with the necessary tools to achieve whatever you can dream of. Over 18 branches, stretching over 15 towns, MegaBuild is accessible to each and every one. Whether you are dusting off and giving life to an old chair, revamping your kitchen, building a block of flats or even in the business of mining, we can help you! 

The MegaBuild team is the core structure of our success and they are standing by to deliver expertise and service with more than 20 000 line items, from foundation to roof, at their fingertips.

Strong business partnerships is what it’s about for us. Step inside and let us give you a customised and cost-effective solution for your needs. We provide specialist advice, finance, logistical support, information technology and stockholding.

Let’s go!

Our story

It all started in 1904 when Max Pupkewitz opened a wagon-building shop in Okahandja and then, in 1925, a general dealership at Ausspannplatz. Fast forward to 1946 and his son, Harold Pupkewitz, following in his father’s footsteps, establishes the Pupkewitz Builders’ Merchant - The Building and Engineering Division. Building on his ethos of “The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will”, the Pupkewitz brand slowly established itself across Namibia.

In 2007, Builders Warehouse was acquired. This is a specialist building material shop located in Katutura, Windhoek with specialised product lines, offering turnkey solutions to builders.

But, we don’t just build, we also serve our farmers, the people who work to feed us. Kaap Agri Namibia, with its 13 branches across our beautiful country understands our farmers’ unique needs because let’s face it, farming in Namibia, is tough.

As we know, the only constant is change and the broader public are not just interested in paints, sanders, bricks and wood. So what did we do? We rose to the occasion and in 2014, we opened the first-ever MegaBuild Lifestyle, a premier shopping experience that inspires fine living. Innovative, sophisticated and contemporary, MegaBuild Lifestyle is proof that traditional hardware stores can be so much more. This unique shopping experience offers a wide range of products, ranging from gardening to home appliances and the latest in home improvement trends.

Still keeping our eye on the ball, Pupkewitz MegaBoards was established in Windhoek in 2019 as a one-stop shop for wood-based products and hardware, offering high end cutting and edging services. So, if you are in the wood business, we got you, and can deliver to your exact specs.

Smart partnerships are the way forward so we took hands with Cajaka Furniture and through this, Pupkewitz MegaBuild can deliver expertise for custom-made furniture and joinery. We offer free consultation, floor planning and 3D design, assistance with material selection and professional installation.

What’s next? Don’t blink just yet, the sky is the limit for Pupkewitz MegaBuild!



The Pupkewitz Foundation

The legendary entrepreneurship spirit of the late Mr Harold Pupkewitz as well as his immense love and passion for the socio economic development of Namibia and her people inspired the establishment of the Pupkewitz Foundation.

We are a movement to create possibilities and to make a lasting difference in as many people’s lives as possible.

- Meryl Barry

The dedication to his country and its people saw significant investments and financial contributions into various developmental areas as well as the formation of various strategic partnerships with government and civil societies all aimed at enhancing the lives of the Namibian people.


Our Timeline

The Pupkewitz Journey

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