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Electric colour at MegaBuild!



Spring has sprung in the electric aisle at Pupkewitz MegaBuild!

Your wardrobe isn’t all white, your walls aren’t all white and now, your plugs, adaptors and electric cords don’t have to be either! Electricmate’s latest power range includes pink, green, orange and blue and is sure to jazz up any space in your home or office.

So, what’s the fuss about colour? Not only is it trendy and oh-so different, coloured plugs will help you identify different appliances in a whizz! Ever tried to identify which laptop was plugged into which plug at work? Or having to reset the DVD player but the plug is identical to the gaming console? Or have you plugged in the kettle only to return to the kitchen and you plugged in the toaster! No more! And it looks pretty to boot!

As an added bonus, you can be even more stylish with a coloured extension cord. No more unsightly white cables running from plugs to appliances or workstations!

And the range is practical too. It has introduced a plug top with a USB adaptor. No free USB ports on your computer? Charge your phone or any device with this baby, wherever, whenever – even on the go when you travel.

This range is exclusively available at Pupkewitz MegaBuild so pop in at your nearest branch and take a look at following selection: 




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