Save Water with Your Bathroom




Save Water with Your Bathroom

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Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Your bathroom uses about 1600 litres of water per day of which most of it is not used efficiently. Water is a finite commodity that needs to be conserved. Wasting water not only harms the environment but also raises that municipal bill. With new eco-friendly appliances on the market, you can make the planet love your bathroom.


High-Efficiency Toilets

It's estimated that toilets alone account for 30 per cent of a household's water usage. The average toilet uses 9 litres per flush. At Pupkewitz Megabuild the Solo Sanitary Ware eco-friendly range of toilets saves you 4 litres of water. The toilets also have two different flush buttons, one for liquid waste which only uses 3.5 litres of water, and the other for solid which uses 5 litres of water. Test your toilet for leaks once a year. Slow, steady leaks can waste up to 113 litres of water per day.

Picture 1: Arctic Top Flush Toilet
Product code: P12104
Product Details: Includes a dual water-saving flushing mechanism with a small flushing function capacity of 3.5 litres and 5 litres on the large flush.


Shower Roses

The shower uses about 20 per cent of a household's water consumption. A normal shower rose uses 11 litres of water per minute. You can conserve water by installing a low-flow showerhead which can save you up to 4 litres per minute. The Triumph Showers range at Pupkewitz Megabuild offers a wide selection of shower roses with different water rates. Some only use 7 litres per minute while others only use 4.6 litres per minute.

If you have a shower that also functions as a bathtub, plug it in so the water does not go to waste while you wait for it to heat up, alternatively, you can use a bucket to store the water which you can use in the garden to water your plants. Keep your showers short. You will be just as clean if you take a 5-minute shower over a longer one.


Picture 2: Triumph Shower Rose
Product Code: P11903
Product Details: Water saving function which only uses 3.5 litres per minute. 


Picture 3: Triumph Shower Rose
Product Code: P11228
Product Details: Water saving with a flow rate of 7 litres. 


The Earth is What We All Have in Common.


Eco-Friendly Bathroom Aerators

The lowest water usage but not the least, your bathroom aerators uses about 18 per cent of water. That is about 5 litres of water per minute using the average aerator. A water-efficient aerator uses only 2 litres of water. The Triumph aerators which are sold at Pupkewitz Megabuild provides great options to choose from.

When brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving don’t leave the tap running when you're not using it. You use about 15 litres of water at the bathroom basin. Now, imagine doing that three times a day each time you brush your teeth. That’s 45 litres of water wasted per day. These days, there’s no need to be wasting water in your home. With eco-friendly appliances upgrade your bathroom to conserve water and reduce your municipal bill and you can do it all yourself without even incurring the costs of plumbing services.


Picture 4: Triumph Aerator
Product Code: P12988
Product Details: Basin mixer aerator with a flow rate of 3.6 litres per minute, saves up to 60% of water.


Water is the Driving Force of All Nature. Save Water!


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