Going Green at Megabuild




Going Green at Megabuild

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Caring for The Planet One Litre and Light Bulb at a Time

The world is moving towards an all-encompassing pursuit of sustainability and the construction industry should not be left behind. Going green is not just a trend, applying green processes to the workplace creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste and recognizes the role that businesses play in leading the way for social change. We at Pupkewitz Megabuild take this environmental mantra very seriously and ensures the sustainable use of water and energy.


Educational Programs:

The first step to ensuring water is conserved is through education. Our company runs a Water Awareness Campaign to ensure water is used efficiently. This is done by putting up posters around all the Megabuild buildings and branches with tips for staff to save water. This campaign is extended outside the workplace where we encourage staff to also save water at home by providing tips which can be applied at home.


In an effort to reduce wasting water, we have put in place a technique to monitor its daily water consumption by measuring the water meter readings of each branch. By doing this, we are able to detect any areas where water may be wasted and act immediately.

Water-Saving Faucets:

It is well-known that the restroom and kitchen areas are high water consumption zones in the workplace because they get so much traffic. With this in mind, all the taps at Pupkewitz Megabuild buildings have a water-efficient aerator installed which limits the flow of water and uses only 2 litres of water per minute.

High-Efficiency Toilets:

On average toilets use up to 9 litres of water per flush which is an absolute waste of water. It is for this reason that our buildings have high-efficient toilets that can save up to 4 litres of water per flush. The toilets also have two different flush buttons, one for liquid waste which only uses 3.5 litres of water per flush, and the other for solid which uses 5 litres of water per flush.


Water Efficiency

Water conservation is important, especially with the serious tension on water resources. Pupkewitz Megabuild has therefore taken various approaches to make its water last.


Limiting Water Wasting Activities:

The use of a hosepipe to clean delivery trucks is not allowed. At our Windhoek Branches, these vehicles are washed using the eco-wash method, which is a harmless, water-soluble wax that is sprayed on and wiped off with a micro-fibre cloth. Eco-wash uses minimal water and does not contribute pollution to the water system and can save you up to 450 litres of water. While other Megabuild branches across the country are required to use a bucket of water to wash the trucks.

Our staff that works in the yard is limited to a quick 2-minute shower to reduce wasting water.


Energy Efficiency

Another common practice by us is energy saving. It goes without saying the effects carbon emission has on the planet and by saving energy the less damage there is to the planet. As a business that cares about the planet, we make use of solar energy to power the building. It also incorporates the use of LED lighting as much as possible. LED lights have high lumen output per watt, which means they are capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat.


The planet is ours to enjoy but it needs to be taken care of if we want to continue enjoying it.


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