Celebrating ‘Unstoppable’ Women

Ronel Kaaijk - ‘Unstoppable’ Does Not Come with Age




Celebrating ‘Unstoppable’ Women

Ronel Kaaijk - ‘Unstoppable’ Does Not Come with Age

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We support women from all different backgrounds and cultures. We believe in gender parity and women's rights. Thus, in March 2021 we are celebrating all women and their achievements. To inspire other Namibian women we feature stories of our employees and their journeys. In this article, we focus on Ronel Kaaijk who worked her way up to being a Credit Administrative Assistant. She is an excellent example of resilience, effort and hard work that drives Namibian youth.

We challenge you to join our celebrations!


Ronel Kaaijk

Ronel was born and raised in the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. She completed her matric at Windhoek High School and soon after that, she started to work as a receptionist. Ronel determined to work harder to better her career while she was looking for more opportunities. In 2019, she joined our company.

Today, Ronel works as a Credit Administrative Assistant for our Credit Control and Risk Department. She works together with customers by analyzing and assisting in the establishment of their Megabuild accounts. In the future, Ronel aspires to complete a Certificate in Credit Management and hold a Senior Credit position.

Ronel is the youngest in her department but she has worked resiliently to establish herself as someone who is not only mature enough but qualified to exceed job expectations. "I work to the best of my abilities and every day I ensure a job well done,” she says.

A typical day in the office for her usually includes interviewing prospective customers while assessing their credit applications for approval. Ronel notes that each day is unique as her work and customers are diverse. She also says that she enjoys helping others. While there can be similar challenges, each customer sees things differently, and working with them is a unique experience for her. “I take satisfaction knowing I was able to solve the problem, and then experience their gratitude. Furthermore, I love the relationships I have formed with my co-workers, they are special beyond compare,” she says.


Strong Women as Role Models

The young and talented Ronel is deeply inspired by her two greatest role models: her mother for relentless devotion to becoming a successful woman in her industry and inspiring those around her; her supportive manager for never failing guidance and constant encouragement to better herself.

Ronel advises young women to define excellence and establish performance expectations with themselves and then focus on achieving those expectations. In terms of work, she adds that being clear about what your job is and how you should spend your time will help you weed out the less important from the most important allowing you to strive for success.

Define excellence for yourself and strive for success. You can do it!


Power of Empathy

Ronel focuses on empathy in her life and work. “Empathy is something we can only use more of, and it’s nearly impossible to put into practice. Think about it. Can you really put yourself into another person’s headspace? Of course not. It’s useful to make a habit of asking where people are coming from while acknowledging that you can never know their motivations or feelings. All we can do is accept that they are doing the best they can do with what they have, just as they are,” she says.


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